Will Byers (1986) is an evolving professional photographer specializing in fine art, editorial, and travel photography, as well as an author of holistic articles that explore culture and history. Well-versed with digital & analog, his photographic work studies almost anything that can remain still long enough for him to snap a shot, with interest in conveying lyrical realism. Raised is Southern Appalachia, Will has also lived in the Green Mountains, Buenos Aires, the Free and Sovereign State of Chiapas, Patagonia, and briefly on Mount Desert Island. He is currently based in Portland, Maine, USA.


2004-2006, University of North Carolina at Asheville, NC
2009-2011, Brevard College, NC

Studied under:
Bill Byers, Brevard College professor emeritus


2018, On the Verge, Creative Portland, Portland ME


2018, Mook Sea Farm Builds Resilience in Changing Waters with Science and Solar Power, Medium: Environment
2018, OPEN, Bloom Publishing, (Judges) Justine Ellis, Jack Harries, Dan Rule
2017, Issue 11.1 cover, Solar Pro magazine


Private collection, San Rafael, CA
Private collection, Raleigh, NC
Private collection, Brevard, NC